Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

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Were you here in 2004 when Hurricane Charlie was a possible threat? Most people I know including myself didn't think it was really coming and halfheartedly prepared for that storm. That turned out to be a mistake. It was midnight when the power went out. The wind clocked in at 130 mph. It was pitch black bringing in the items left outside that were starting to fly. Memories.....and then 3 days with no power.


As Hurricane Matthew is starting to head our way now is the time to start to take some extra precautions.

Have an evacuation plan and a family meeting place ahead of time. Make sure all the cars have a full tank of gas.

Have a contact person outside the affected area. Give their contact info to everyone is the family so they can serve as a point of contact if you get separated. Bring in anything from outside that you think can fly. Put pool furniture in the pool.


Core Items for your Emergency Kit: (3-7 days worth)

Water - 1 gallon per person per day

Food - non perishable with a non-electric can opener

Daily medications

Persona hygiene items

Flashlights with extra batteries

Battery powered radio

Extra clothing and blankets

First aid kit


Electronic chargers and don't forget the ones for the car

Copies of personal documents, such as home/auto insurance policies, wills, trusts

Bug spray

Important phone numbers

Baby supplies and pet food

You can monitor the storm here: